Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

As Americans mark the 71st anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we’ll end this week with a nice remembrance from the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

Six survivors of Pearl Harbor will be honored today in Albany, while a wreath-laying ceremony will take place in New York City.

Google, which dresses up its homepage for even the most ridiculous milestones, doesn’t seem to think today’s remembrance is worth the trouble... but Bing offers some interesting links.

As we remember such an historic event, the seemingly endless “fiscal cliff” saga seems especially petty.  But it continues, and it does represent an important debate about the character of our nation, and how “we, the people” should be governed.

Too bad that, as Charles Krauthammer points out, our President knows nothing about serious leadership. “Let’s understand President Obama’s strategy in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations,” Krauthammer states. “It has nothing to do with economics or real fiscal reform. This is entirely about politics.”

It’s also too bad that, as John Podhoretz warns, the GOP seems to be incapable of explaining why the Democrats’ “class warfare” agenda gets us nowhere.

And too bad that, as we remember Pearl Harbor, our Commander-in-Chief seems perfectly willing to send the U.S. military over thecliff for the sake of scoring political points for the far left. 

But even if Obama “wins” the fiscal cliff debate, it could very well be a grueling victory.

If tax increases take effect, how will Washington spend this flood of new cash? This should give you an idea.

This is the system the Obama liberals envision for America. 

Leading the news in New York this week is the new Republican/Democrat “coalition” leadership of the State Senate. 

“Will the newreality work?” asks the Albany Times-Union. What do you think – will this Senate coalition change “politics as usual” in Albany? Or will it just open the door for liberal bills that hike the minimum wage and “reform” campaign financing? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

And have a great weekend!

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