Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Speaker Boehner is caving and apparently is not the Leader he believes himself to be.  He is purging fiscal conservatives from leadership positions and he is caving on entitlement and tax reform.  Charles Krauthammer is right when he says "He (the President) wants to break the back of Republicans. This is a continuation of his campaign. He thinks he won it and now he wants to drive a stake through the Republicans. It’s all about politics; it’s nothing about economics.”  And Speaker Boehner is now giving him the stake.

This chart explains part why we are in such a fiscal battle to regain fiscal sanity as government handouts replace work ethics.

Once Speaker Boehner and the Republican Congress cave into the Administration demands with the media demonizing them when they try to stand strong, we know it is just the beginning of lasting redistribution until there is nothing more to distribute because no one is willing to work.  John Ransom writes in his column that Grover "Norquist  is telling the truth when he points out that the Democrats aren’t interested in real reform, entitlement reform or otherwise. They just want to grow government and need more money to do it."

Senator Jeff Sessions sees more spending and no cutting in the future. 

Thomas Sowell gives us his view of the fiscal crisis here

Will our Congressional delegation support New Yorkers or Obama?

Governor Cuomo is doing what is right by nixing his Public Health and Planning Council's plan.

Coalition governments do not work.  It doesn't work for constituents, but it does let politicians keep their perks.

RIP Stage Deli.

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