Thursday, December 20, 2012

New York is still in deep fiscal trouble. In case you missed yesterday's article in the NY Post,  E. J. McMahon  (E. J. will be speaking at our conference) takes a critical look at the report issued by the State Budget Crisis Task Force issued on Monday and the structural problems New York faces.   The monthly report by the State Comptroller isn't much brighter as revenues continue to be less than anticipated. One of the reasons NY continues to have problems is shown in this 24/7 report on the states doling out the best (most expensive for taxpayers) and worst (most beneficial to taxpayers) benefits.  New York ranks #4 on the "best" list.

Speaker Silver is wrong in saying raising the minimum wage spurs economic growth,  yes, a few may have a small bit more to spend, but, fewer people will be working as employers won't be able to afford to hire more employees.  

Nicole Gelinas reminds us we are looking at another huge bill for the Tappan Zee and wonders how we will be able to pay it.  (Nicole will also be a speaker at this years' conference.)

Superstorm Sandy still wreaking havoc.

It isn't surprising that the Left is calling for more and tougher gun laws in the wake of the horrific massacre in Sandy Hook.  New York already has tough gun laws.  Guns are obviously inanimate object and need humans to operate them so why isn't the Left calling for more ways to "control" the evil that some humans do?  There are far too many questions that have not been answered (and may never be answered) to have a "knee-jerk" reaction and blame an inanimate object.  When a person has had too much to drink and gets behind the wheel  and takes the lives of innocent victims, we do not call for the banning of cars.  We propose and enact stricter drunk driving laws, take away licenses and punish the person responsible.  Why is it different with guns?  Should it be different?  Are we going to ban knives or demand that they are less sharp?  Some common sense has to prevail; get to the real problem. Ted Nugent lets us know his thoughts on the Sandy Hook massacre, I can't say that he is wrong.

Wow, Santa's "presents" have certainly changed since I was a kid.

We already know where VP Biden will go with gun control, seriously why make the pretense of looking at gun control and "other measures".

Red State hits the nail on the head.

The Security Chief has resigned along with two others, but, many questions are still unanswered.

Since I neglected to post any articles yesterday, you may have missed, Thomas Sowell and Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

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