Monday, January 10, 2011

We pray for all of the victims and families in Tucson, those who were savagely murdered, and those who witnessed the senseless taking of precious human life. The horrific events of Saturday are the results of one deranged individual.

Everyone needs to turn down the rhetoric while they legitimately debate issues. Debating issues does not create deranged individuals who give us many indications that serious problems exist.

The Heritage Foundation says it best.

Greenspan warns of risk from U. S. Debt.

Be prepared for another spike is gasoline prices. Hopefully the leak will be fixed rapidly.

W. James Antell, III writes in American Spectator about Liberalism's Frail Constitution.

The NY Times has an article saying that the Assembly may link property tax cap to City rent laws. While we understand the need for compromise in politics, this is NOT a good idea.

The NY Post has an article regarding Gov. Cuomo's pick for Medicaid reform....this is a must read as the writer calls him a dubious pick.

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