Monday, January 24, 2011

The Heritage Foundation lets us know this is the first ever national school choice week.

Tomorrow is Sportsman's Day in Albany if you are in the Capitol District area, stop by.

The Buffalo News Editorial has high praise for the Spending Cap passed by the Republican State Senate...time to put the pressure on the Assembly to pass it also.

Don't be fooled by his words. It is important to read between the lines on what President Obama will say tomorrow.

Patrick Gaspard has a new job and that is not good news for people who believe that "Mickey Mouse" does not have the right to vote.

Senator Durbin doesn't try to fool people. Sen. Durbin, while misguided, at least is true to his beliefs and runs on them.

Larry Kudlow on Jeffrey Immelt.

Jonah Goldberg makes the case for Drill, Obama, Drill.

Rich Lowry on Dick Cheney.

Amber Waves of Ethanol (and we wonder why food costs are rising.)

Cause for concern?

Newly elected Congressman Chris Gibson (a participant with the other newly elected Members of Congress Sunday afternoon at CPPAC) has made constructing a nuclear power plant in the region one of his top priorities. Kudos to him!

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