Monday, January 17, 2011

Speaker Silver is a leading foe against hydrofracking in New York State and he is closely associated with Weitz and Luxenberg, the law firm with a strong anti-drilling advocacy, yet he refuses to discuss if this is a conflict. Does he really want us to believe that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, that it is a cuddly puppy?

Has Speaker Silver met his match? Should be interesting.

An agreement is an agreement, isn't it? Apparently, the Seneca Nation does not think so and is refusing to pay its bill.

Ms. Black's "joke" makes her critics criticism of her qualifications justified.

Won't they ever learn...spending is the problem.

More articles on the debt limit and here. But is all the news good?

Could Congress be missing an opportunity? Some advice for Congress from George Will.

The Heritage Foundation writes about a man who as a former slave initially sided with the abolitionists of the day in rejecting America and its Constitution “for supporting and perpetuating this monstrous system of injustice and blood,” eventually developed, through a careful study of the Founding, an “irrepressible faith in America”: Frederick Douglass, a man who truly understood what makes America the greatest nation.

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