Tuesday, October 25, 2011

President Obama bars the Press in San Francisco.
The Heritage Foundation does not give President Obama's latest housing refinance plan good marks and tells him we can't wait either.

Sorry Mr. President, you are not instilling confidence in your programs: Consumer confidence tumbles.

The WSJ exposes part of the problem, government should leave certain things to the private sector (actually most things should be left to the private sector).

Rich Lowry,who will be joining us tomorrow at our National Affairs Conference, writes about Obama's Latter-Day McGovernism.

Albany's DA, who was elected by the WFP, is a disgrace by allowing politics to play such a major role in the District Attorney's office.

New York State and City have the strongest gun laws in the nation, yet illegal guns are far too prevalent in the City. The NY Post Editorial points this out in its call for keeping NYPD's stop and frisk efforts, as the best protection for the civil rights of all residents.

File this under: Are you kidding? The lawyer who filed the case should be suspended and the Judge who is allowing it to go forward ....at the very least he should have recused himself.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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