Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Washington Times made the case for celebrating Columbus Day. Hope yours was filed with all good things.

Connecticut prisoners are unhappy about new regulations. I wonder why the Dept of Corrections took so long to ban it...

Why would any parent buy this? And why would any retail market carry it? We are all for entrepreneurs, but a product like that crosses the line of being responsible.

Governor Moonbeam (Jerry Brown for the younger readers) is at it again. Can he seriously believe that an 18 year old should be banned from tanning, while a 12 year old is old enough to discuss STD's with a doctor and consent to the HPV vaccine without their parents knowledge. Does he even read the bills he signs? I would love to know how he can justify his reasoning...
New York's Medicaid spending needs to be cut. Assembly Republican Leader, Brian Kolb, makes the case for serious cuts.

Michigan instituted the pension changes the Conservative Party has endorsed and is now serving as a model for other states.

Fast and Furious was in the news all weekend long, here, here and here are just a sampling.

And Human Events has an article on Solyndra.

Fannie and Freddie threaten taxpayers again.

Michael Goodwin has a very revealing article on President Obama.

From Fox Business News: Why a $469 car repair now costs $9,051Link
The Heritage Foundation on who is responsibility for protecting America. And sounds off on the "Millionaire Tax."

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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