Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If New Yorkers really do prefer OWS over the Tea Party, New York is in deep trouble. No one, other than the corrupt, supports corruption, be it on Wall Street, K Street or Main Street, and most of those employed by any of the noted streets are neither corrupt nor bent on hurting anyone. This is the land of opportunity....where a guy can dream in his garage and change the world....where one can take an idea and make a personal fortune, but even more importantly, create jobs so others can earn a living. Please someone tell me what good is being accomplished by those involved with OWS? I don't think anyone will be able to, especially the taxpayers of New York when they realize how expensive OWS is, so far: $3.4 million just for the police department. Add the Sanitation Dept., loss of revenue (sale tax) and pretty soon you have to ask, how much more will I have to pay in taxes because of the OWS crowd?

The Heritage Foundation says Social Security needs to be fixed, but questions how. Also from Heritage: Energy Production = Deficit Reduction.

Hydrofracking gets a clean bill of health. Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings is right on this issue.

Governor Cuomo may be wrong on some issues but he is absolutely right on this!

The Washington Times with more on Fast and Furious.

More on Obamacare unraveling. The Weekly Standard chimes in also. The Washington Examiner says Obama is in denial. He even denies he is campaigning.

Sounds like someone who knows the Administration has some real serious problems.

Washington's spending problem: the spending bill for fiscal 2011 was $3.6 trillion with a deficit of $1.298 trillion. Not enough spending according to the Administration and Sen. Reid.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell ... truly his best columns are titled "Random Thoughts"

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