Thursday, October 27, 2011

The "supercommittee" is back in the news as Senate Finance Chairman Baucus backs increased taxes. So far, more of the same from Democrats.

Mr. President, you may want to review your campaign promise list again as most analysts do not agree that you have accomplished 60%....fortunately for us you haven't and hopefully you won't have the opportunity as we cannot afford your promises, i.e. healthcare reform, which is, thankfully, beginning to collapse.

Congressman Jerry Nadler is distancing himself from the word "Obamacare".

John Hayward opines on Obama's latest giveaway.

Americans could have -- should have -- saved $70,000+ if these had not been purchased.

Heritage Foundation: What Is the American Idea? Congressman Paul Ryan gives his answer. The NY Post has excerpts of his remarks here.

Ambassador John Bolton believe Europeans should handle their own crisis.

Republicans want to know what Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano knew about Fast and Furious.

Is Collectivism Moral?

Massachusetts Senate candidate, Elizabeth Warren, claims she is the "founder" of the OWS movement.

Required reading for those involved in OWS here and here.

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