Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Heritage Foundation on how Obama just does not get the message. If he continues to refuse to listen to the American people, and his fellow democrats, can we move the November election to January so people can have hope again?

President Obama; this is the problem...we cannot continue to spend more than we take in and don't even go down the road that we have to tax more...the federal government spending is out of control. When you add the fact that that less people are working creating less taxes collected, the answer does not become tax the working more, it should be let's cut the regulations that are preventing businesses from hiring. President Obama, is that to simple for you to understand?

Another proposal by Obama that will hurt the economy: Part D price controls kill jobs.

Forget the bridge to nowhere, we now have an airport terminal that doesn't connect to the airplanes.

Good editorial by the Washington Examiner. However, we have to ask how can stand up to Iran when he when he won't stand up to bad economic advice from the left? Or ask for the resignation of AG Eric Holder.

Karl Rove on the OWS Crowd.

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi unhinged!

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