Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Sen. Reid, now Sen. Durbin both saying they don't have the votes to pass Obama's "jobs" bill....Obama has refused to listen to Americans, now it appears he is deaf to his own party. But, it appears from the article below, that Sen. Reid et al want even more than the President.

Senate Dems are at it again! They are proposing a 5% surtax on millionaires.Link
More regulations that will increase your costs. More on Obamacare regulations.

Liberals/Progressives don't mess with President Reagan's words.

This should make everyone uneasy.

Seriously, jail for expired auto tags? What next.... jail for drinking expired milk?Link
Great article by Stephen B. Meister. The demonstrators in downtown Manhattan should read it, of course they would need an attention span longer than most of them have.

Quite an eye opener in this Jacob Gershman piece!

Liz Benjamin covers our ratings released earlier today.

Another bonus Thomas Sowell article. Maybe the producers of Sesame Street should read Mr. Sowell's article.

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