Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Protesters have come a long way when they are provided gourmet food. Seriously, a soup kitchen being used to provide donated food prepared by an out of work le Chef de Tournant at a Manhattan Hotel, guess that soup kitchen wasn't really needed for the truly impoverished. Guess we now know why the "occupiers" want to continue and increase New York's millionaire tax, they need to be able to continue with their gourmet food while hard working taxpayers struggle to feed their families hot tuna casseroles.

The Washington Times opines on the Wall Street Whiners.

By the way, New York has less millionaires now.

The NY Post Editorial questions the Siena Poll we blogged about yesterday.

The Heritage Foundation pans the proposed mortgage refinance plan.

Those who think they support the National Popular Vote movement must read this.

Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) wants to rewrite no child left behind.

Remind me, Mr. President, about that new era of open government.

Your cash for their clunkers.

Some insight on food taxes for those who support them. We know regulars readers don't, but we thought you might want to email the link to your friends who do.

First we had Governor Moonbeam, the Senior Senator from Nevada is trying to out moonbeam the governor. Should we start calling him Senator Moonbeam or do you have a better moniker?

Wednesday with Walter E. Williams.

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