Thursday, October 11, 2012

VP Debate Night - Biden vs. Ryan

No one expected the first presidential debate to have almost 68 million viewers, very few of whom were disappointed.  Tonight's debate between VP Biden and Cong. Ryan should have almost as many viewers due to the turn around of October 3rd.  The NY Sun believes Ryan will "wipe the floor with Biden"  and to be honest I am eagerly looking forward to that possibility.

The Heritage Foundation has 10 questions for tonight's debate.  The first question under foreign policy is the one I would like answered by VP Biden in light of the testimony given in the Congressional hearings.
The Washington Examiner is non too pleased with President Obama's and his Administrations handling of the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi.   I'd also like VP Biden to explain where are the 5 million Green Jobs are that were promised with the $90B set aside in  the stimulus money. 

Economist Larry Kudlow is feeling better  about the November elections. 

Michael Barone opines on the Rule of Law.

The IRS isn't too happy with the fact that Solyndra has filed for bankruptcy.

Affirmative Action is back before the US Supreme Court. 

Here in New York, the NY Daily News says no more delays for hydrofracking.  

Friday is the last day to register to vote in this year's elections.   Click here for your local county Board of Elections if you need to register.  Send the link to family members turning 18 and people who have moved in the last year.  It is your civic duty to vote for the candidate who best reflects what you believe in; the freedoms that made America the greatest nation in the world or government dependency that stifles what made the US great.  

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