Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"A debate moderator controls the questions asked in a debate and ensures the debate remains focused. Unbiased,(emphasis added) the moderator allows each side of the issue equal time to share viewpoint."  Quick, get the definition to Bob Shieffer before Monday's debate, not that he will abide by it any more than Candy Crowley did last evening.

The Heritage Foundation analyzes the debate.  So does the NY SunHuman Events and the Wall Street Journal.

Does President Obama have an October Surprise waiting for us?  (This is one of those must read articles and then must circulate to family and friends.)

Another four years of the current administration, will bring more of this!

Fox and MSNBC focus groups give Romney the win!

Will there be an "Internet Fee"?

Remember after the first Obama/Romney debate and how people were impressed with Governor Romney.  As a result of that debate, Governor Romney began building real momentum.  Well tonight, our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, will debate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  This is the only debate scheduled.  The debate will be broadcast live locally on YNN, your  local Time Warner cable system, as well as on the New York City Time Warner affiliate, NY1. 

Wendy Long wants you to be independent, able to find good jobs, not live in a "nanny state" and most importantly honor the US Constitution as it was adopted by our Founding Fathers.  Watch her debate tonight, then do all that you can to help elect her to the US Senate. (even if you can't watch tonight, DVR it to watch before you vote.)

Governor Andrew Cuomo is showing his true agenda with this statement.   Stop and Frisk keeps New York residents safe.  Minimum wage increases makes it harder for young people to get jobs.  Simple facts that the Governor is ignoring.  Seriously, Governor, wouldn't we all be better for all if young people were able to get a job?  Why then are you pushing for a hike in the minimum wage?  We are not supporting an increase in the legislative pay, if legislators believe they are underpaid, why are they running for the office?   Our part time legislators earn a substantial salary;  according to this chart, part time legislators earn more than lawyers. Do you think legislators should get a raise?

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

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