Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy wants all your attention and by all accounts has taken Benghazi off the front pages.   The families of our four Americans murdered in Benghazi have to live with their loss forever; the anguish of unanswered questions will not lessen with the pounding of Sandy's surge and we must not let allow Sandy's destructive forces to sweep the Benghazi investigation out to sea.  Lest we forget, election day is just 8 days away.
The NY Post Editorial on the incompetence of the administration.

The last time the Des Moines Register endorsed a Republican was in 1972,  on Saturday they endorsed Mitt Romney.  On Saturday, the Los Angeles Daily News also endorsed Mitt Romney.  Hmmm, will the New York Times do what is right for Americans?  There was a time the Gray Lady would have, but today her bias is so bottomless and her disdain is so deep, the Gray Lady would rather go out of business than save America. 
President Obama is sadly mistaken when he states his re-election would be a "mandate" to raise taxes.  

Good advice for Governor Cuomo from E.J. McMahon, but will he take it?  Will the Governor listen to the people as support for hydrofracking is increasing because people need jobs.

Yes, Wendy Long faces an uphill battle, but you can still help our US Senate candidate.  Wendy Long is  dedicated to helping all New Yorkers.  We need a strong conservative voice to counter the "government is the answer" to everything voices in the US Senate. 

Only one word fits this man who is seeking re-election in Queens:  Opportunist!

Stay safe, stay dry and say a prayer for those in Sandy's path.  And a special prayer for our young men guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as they remain vigilant.

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