Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Columbus Day

Kathryn Jean Lopez has a delightful interview with Judge James L. Buckley in National Review Online.
Remember in 1970 when we elected Jim Buckley to the Senate despite terrible odds?  All things are possible if you work hard to overcome the odds.  Our 2012 US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, knows she is running uphill, but that fact does not deter her determination.  If you don't want more of this, do what you can now to help elect Wendy Long to the United States Senate.  Click here to help Wendy Long.

Jim Geraghty opines on why he (Obama) is falling apart.

Ken Blackwell writes about the Obama Mandate.  

The New York Sun critiques Governor Romney's speech today on foreign policy.  

Uncollected tolls on Thruway hit $35 Million....yet Thruway still wants a 45% increase in tolls.

Are  you comfortable with fires fought with less than the best?  Absolutely NOT.  Read Steve Cassidy' s column in today's New York Post.

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