Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pay attention New Yorkers:  Senator Charles Schumer does not have your best interest as your Senator when he says this lowering the rate paid by top earners makes no sense in an age of rising income inequality and soaring debt..  As we learned yesterday, New York is the most taxed state in the country and Senator Schumer is looking to keep New Yorkers tax rate high disregarding the cost of living in New York.  Senator Schumer is wrong, his knowledge of economics is erroneous and most distressing is that the Junior Senator from New York State will vote as Senator Schumer tells her to vote, without regard to what it will cost New Yorkers.  Make a difference, vote for Wendy Long, for US Senate!  We need to be represented by a woman, Wendy Long,  who understands just how devastating Senator Schumer's goals are!

Our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, wants people to work and be successful and understand that taxing high earners at the rate Sen. Schumer is calling for, 39.6%, does nothing to help the economy, in fact it harms the economy.

George J. Marlin's take on New York's economy. 

Speaking of the economy and the energy independence hydrofracking would bring to New York, read what the environmentalists are trying to do in the small community of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

The Washington Examiner examines how Obamacare/tax is effecting the job market currently.  Of course, if you work for Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden/Red Lobster) you already know. According to a new study, Obamacare/tax has already cost $26.7B and 30,000 jobs. It is all about the economy and right now the economy is pretty grim, imagine another 4 years under this "leadership" and think about who can best lead the economic growth we need.

All you need to know about the Dodd-Frank bill is here, it is time to demand repeal of Dodd-Frank and numerous other bill harming our economy.

Seriously?  Even I didn't think President Obama was this delusional, too polite?  Then again, he and his campaign keep talking about Big Bird.

While they focus on Big Bird, the Department of State is changing its assessment of the Libyan murders.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell writes about Race Cards.

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