Monday, October 1, 2012

Just when you are beginning to think that Governor Andrew Cuomo understands the cost of running government, he reaches out aggressively to get ex-cons on Medicaid.  So much for understanding the plight of taxpayers in New York State.  Hard working citizens, struggling to make ends meet, constantly hit with higher cost  for health insurance (among other necessary items) having already paid the for the health care of convicts, will now be forced to pay for their health care when released from prison.  Chairman Long was right when he said "Evidently, crime does pay."

Why is Governor Andrew Cuomo dragging his feet when it comes to hydrofrackng?   New Yorkers can certainly use the jobs, the state would benefit from more New Yorkers working, yet Governor Cuomo is caving to the liberal agenda of fear mongering a process that is over 100 years old with no proof of any harmful side effects.  Sadly, the Governor says New York is open for business, then hides behind the Department of Environmental Conservation saying four years of reviews are insufficient and must be restarted.

New Yorkers and  even New Jersey residents forced (yes, forced since they have no say) into absorbing the additional cost for security et al when President Obama comes to New York.

More of your tax dollars being poorly managed.

Teachers' Union wants to sue the state over the property tax cap. What they should be demanding is mandate relief!

The President and his administration is in disarray over the murder of four Americans in Libya a full 20 days later.  Read the Heritage Foundation's analysis here, what the Washington Examiner has to say here and what Michael A. Walsh writes here.  Even the Washington Post says security was lax prior to the 9/11/12 attack. 

Of course, all of this is okay with Hugo Chavez, who would vote for President Obama, if he could.   That doesn't surprise anyone because like our President, Mr. Chavez, likes people dependent on government services,  even if they are not citizens. 

When Hugo Chavez does not get what he wants in Venezuela he just mandates it, what is getting little notice here in America, is that we currently  have a President who does the same by executive order. 
Here is an article from April of this year on President Obama's use of executive orders. Here is a list of executive orders from the White House website.

No surprise in this article

Since the MSM does not cover our US Senate candidate,  Wendy Long, it is up to you to forward these articles.  More here , here and here. We can make a difference!  Wendy Long is one of us and with your help we will get the word out that Wendy Long is just the person  New York residents need in Washington, DC to have their voice heard.

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