Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Governor Andrew Cuomo earned a grade of "D" from the CATO Institute in their latest Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governor's: 2012.   You can read the whole report here.  CATO states that "much more needs to be done to reduce government spending in New York" precisely what we have said for years!

And according to the Tax Foundation, New York ranks number 50 in the 2013 edition of the State Business Tax Climate Index based in part by having the worst individual income tax rate. Read more here on how New York compares to the other 49 states.

While on the tax subject, the NY Post has an article on the cigarette tax and how it does nothing to curb smoking.  Read the great cigarette tax lie here.  High cigarette taxes do little to curb smoking, but higher taxes promote illicit trade in cigarettes (both smuggling and counterfeiting).  (Education into the long term effects of smoking is the best way to curb an unhealthy but legal product.)

Cigarettes are a legal product constantly under attack as detrimental to your health, but this November, on Election Day. three states, will vote on the recreational use of marijuana, still a Schedule 1 Drug according to the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the President and Attorney General have not spoken out against this proposal.  Why not?  “We need to understand that drugs and gangs go hand in hand,” says Paul Chabot, who advised Presidents Clinton and Bush on drug policy. “They destroy communities. What we have to do is work keeping people off this stuff, not liberalizing policies.”

The Heritage Foundation with more on President Obama's failing foreign policy.

Read what Lt. Col. Andy Wood told CBS News here. 

Investors Business Daily explains how a 47% dependency on government helped Hugo Chavez win his election Sunday. (Hmm, 47%, where have we heard that number before?)

Charles Payne opines on Friday's jobs numbers.  So does Cal Thomas.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell who writes about Phony in Chief.

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