Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Heritage Foundation writes about Obama's Imperial Presidency and reminds us of Obama's blatant disregard of law.   And the Washington Examiner reminds us that President Obama puts politics ahead of national security.  If you have any friends or family still "on the fence", send them these two links.

The National Review isn't impressed with the President's ridiculous pamphlet.  Other than the main stream media who would be impressed with rehashing the failed ideas of the last four years.  The Wall Street Journal calls it "A Second First Term."

Broken promises, didn't the current administration ban lobbyist from the White House?

James Biden benefits by being the VP's brother....HillStone International lands lucrative contract.

A time for choosing -- the 2012 reasons.

More on Benghazi here.  And more on Obamacare here.

Sequestration's unintended consequences will make us vulnerable.

The NY Post editorial opines on the rising MTA costs.

New York is number one again....for having the highest tax burden in the nation.  Yet the talk of coming back after election day to consider campaign finance reform and raising their salaries is still rampant.  Who will be left to pay more even more in taxes?

Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin has some good advice for Governor Andrew Cuomo, especially when he stays that the Governor should be more concerned with New Yorkers' economic survival.

Liz Benjamin recognizes the importance of our "get out the vote" robocalls for US Senate candidate, Wendy Long.

Hear Wendy Long on today's Fred Dickers' radio program here.  As an added bonus, George J. Marlin is on in the second half hour.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

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