Monday, October 15, 2012

The Washington Examiner opines on  VP Biden's debate malarkey.  Michael Barone thinks President Obama and VP Biden are campaigning as if we were still in the 1980's.

One would think David Axelrod and Susan Rice have only one playbook when it comes to Benghazi and the outright murder of four American citizens.

Honestly the arrogance of President Obama is mindbogglingly!  Can you believe he said this?

The Heritage Foundation reminds us that the Cuban Missal Crisis was fifty years ago this week...fifty years from now will  anyone be able to say the current administration did all it could do to protect America after four Americans were so brutally murdered?

Well now, the true colors of Senator Charles Schumer are showing.  "The antireformer is Chuck Schumer, the Senator from Wall Street, er, New York, who averred at the National Press Club last week that his party will have nothing to do with tax reform of the kind that Ronald Reagan negotiated with Democrats in 1986, or that the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission proposed in 2010, or that the Gang of Six Senators have been working on. It's Chuck's way or no way."  What should make you stop and think is that while we know we will never change the Senator's way of thinking, we certainly do not need his clone, Senator Gillibrand, returned to office for six years.

Do you want two Senators from New York who do not look after your interest and only want to tax us more?  Or do you want a strong fiscal conservative, Wendy Long, to speak up for us? The next three weeks are critical, you and only you, can make a difference.  Do all you can to help elect Wendy Long, your future depends on it. 

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