Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate night!  The Heritage Foundation has a few questions it would like answered, good questions that if  answered honestly by President Obama, I doubt if anyone would vote for him since they would highlight his lack of  leadership in the last 3 3/4  years.

The Washington Examiner also has a list of questions that need to be answered by both candidates.  I sincerely hope that those who have taken advantage of early voting in the 34 states that allow early voting, will not hear an answer that will change their mind.

George J. Marlin gives  Governor Romney some advice as to what to say to Catholic voters.

Pete du Pont:  The Election Isn't Over. 

The American Enterprise Institute examines the Romney tax plan.

Obama's crumbling foreign policy.

The Taliban Was Dead But Have Returned Under Obama.

More fact checking on Obama's small business tax cut claims.

Medicare reform:  battling the myths.  

More from Heritage Foundation on Welfare Reform. 

The one place there is great job growth our President ignores in favor of "green energy".

Finally, VP Joe Biden says something I can agree with. 

Wendy Long, our US Senate candidate, message is getting out there!  You can help by sending the links to your family and friends!  Here are some of the articles, more here and here. Wendy Long's latest press release is here. If at all possible, donate to Wendy Long,  here.

Two groups like campaign finance reform, the press and liberals, oh wait a minute, make that one group.

Thomas Sowell on Capital Gain Taxes

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams

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