Monday, October 22, 2012

Round Three tonight! 

How will President Obama react to this? 

The Heritage Foundation has five crucial questions for tonight's debate.

President Obama, since your administration denied this report, will you explain why the NY Times said US Officials say Iran has agreed to nuclear talks?   And when you have finished explaining that, please give us your explanation on this timeline in Banghazi as reported on Fox News this weekend.

Oh, Mr. President:  Killing Bin Laden is not a foreign policy.

Dorothy Rabinowitz opines on the unreality of the last four years.

Yes, it certainly should be a good debate tonight.   I wonder if anyone will ask President Obama about this?

The Fiscal Cliff may be worse than expected. 

Not all democrats support the Dodd-Frank bill.

In case you missed the accolades about Wendy Long's debate last week, you can read them here.

Fred Dicker on big mistake in anit-hydrofracking ad.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is promoting checks for check-ups....for Mediciad recipients!  $2 million of your tax dollars, simply outrageous!

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