Thursday, October 18, 2012

Did you watch our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, debate Senator Gillibrand last night?  If not watch it here, and see for yourself what a great Senator we can have if you spend some time each day -- for the next 18 days -- telling your neighbors, family and friends, that Wendy Long will be our voice in Washington, DC.
Read what the pundits are saying about the debate here, here, herehere, here, here, here and here.
As noted in some of the articles, Wendy Long was in the bastion of liberalism last evening and did an outstanding job because as one commentator said after the debate, she is not only knowledgeable, she is also comfortable in her own skin.  The first politician I remember that being said about was Ronald Reagan and Wendy Long is the only person, since I have been in this business the comes the closest to walking in his shoes.   You have less than two weeks to give us a strong voice in Washington, D.C., you will never be disappointed with Wendy Long as our US Senator.

More fallout from Round Two.  The New York Post editorial says Candy's not dandy.  Charles C. W. Cooke's take is here.  The Washington Examiner examines Obama's dodges and weaves on gas prices.

We cannot continue down this road; Heritage Foundation exposes spending on welfare. 

Is A123 sill making you proud, Mr. President?   Will the possible fallout make you proud also?

Another one bits the dust.

File this under "I'll do or say anything to keep my husband president" and this one under "I dare you to take away my taxpayer funded vacations."

News flash for Chris Matthews:  Barack Obama is president,  NOT God. 

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