Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Round Two Tonight...

The NY Sun opines that the Biden Sideshow set the stage for tonight. 

Do you think any questions will be asked regarding Senator Tom Coburn, MD new report on wasteful government spending in 2012?  Amtrak, VP Biden favorite travel mode, loses big money on snacks.  Snacks, are you kidding, snacks, if Amtrak was a private corporation, the person in charge of ordering would be long gone.  Let's face it, if Amtrak was a private corporation, it would be long gone.

The Heritage Foundation would like these 5 issues that have not been covered yet to be discussed.

Are you paid to be "dumb" at work?  Apparently this woman is.   Just remember, your tax dollars pay her salary.

Just in case you have forgotten,  take one minute to remind yourself what President Obama said in March of this year when he attended the Nuclear Security Council Summit in Seoul, Korea. 

Contrast in leadership.  The current Commander-in-Chief is a cold-hearted, detached from the ravages of war, person unable to comfort fallen heroes families. 

Look what the Chairman of the Democratic National Convention wants now.  Do you think if Eric Holder remains as Attorney General, this will be the same type of problem Holder has with a photo ID for voting?

Want to lower gas prices, this is what you need to do. 

George Soros meet Thomas Peterffy, the smart Hungarian-born billionaire.

Vote them out.

And we though they were gone. 

Mr. Hammond, the Governor will get the praise you want for him, when he accomplishes more than the "window dressing" he has to date.  Where is the real fiscal reforms?  Where is the needed mandate relief? Two years and only slight changes, remember last December when the Legislators came back to Albany to pass the millionaires tax?  What are they planning for us this year?  Pay increases?  Superficial change are just that:  superficial.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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