Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well Chris Matthews may call it an apology, but, that is no apology as far as most are concerned.    Matthews has a long history of saying insensitive things, but his remarks on Sandy really crosses the line.  As Michael Starr writes in the NY Post, Matthews galling gaffe visibly shocked co-anchor Rachael Maddow, prompting him to try and reel it back, to no avail.  Why does MSNBC let him get away with such callous remarks, seriously, isn't it time to fire Chris Matthews?   The New York Post Editorial isn't a fan of Chris Matthews either.

If the Republican Congress does not keep its word on not raising taxes, rest assured America will become Europe, despite the fact that Europe is close to collapsing.

The Heritage Foundation writes about President Obama's top 5 immediate problems.

And they still get taxpayer money!

And President Obama continues to travel abroad when there is a fiscal crisis looming.  Let's see, two days after election day and instead of announcing that meetings have been set up to tackle the fiscal cliff, he is announcing a trip to Burma (and other Asian countries) to mark 180 years of diplomatic relations and reaffirm the strength of our alliance.  Yup, that's going to solve our fiscal crisis.

Hours after Obama win, US backs UN Arms Treaty talks.  

Time to rearrange the deck chairs.

The Washington Examiner writes about the brutal truth, saying in part "It doesn’t follow from this though that the way for the Republican Party to win again is reject conservatism."  Could not agree more!!!

Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams have there usual wisdom.  

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