Thursday, November 29, 2012

The NY Post  is absolutely right in questioning what Governor Cuomo is thinking regarding his plans to close Indian Point nuclear  power plant.

Another revenue set back for New Yorkers.   This is the problem with finding "new" revenue streams, they dry up and the expenditures don't.  What worries me and should worry every New Yorker, is what will Legislators dream up to replace the dwindling cigarette tax revenue....guaranteed it will be another dangerous and bad idea.

What will the Senate look like if there is a coalition?  The Daily News wants to know and Liz Benjamin looks at the constitutional questions.

Read what Chairman Long has to say about the probability of a coalition.

Natural Gas developers are fighting back in New York, finally.

Senator Tom Coburn has a plan to save money, obviously Senator Reid does not have a plan, nor does he bother to read Senator Coburn's plan.  (Here's a video for Sen. Reid, this way he just has to listen.)Over three years and the Senate still has not passed a budget, but voters continue to let them get away with it.  Three quarters of the voters in New York gave both New York Senators a pass and continue to do so every day by not demanding they do their JOB!  Senator Reid, while unable and unwilling to pass a budget even with the majority wants even more power for his chamber......the Heritage Foundation says we can make his power grab work for us.

Once again, Senator Reid and the rest of you who want to tax the rich:  tax hikes will only fund 8 days of government.

Listen up President Obama, Senator and Congressmen:  Americans do not want government run health care.  Another win, albeit it may be temporary, for religious freedom.  Read what Great Britain is doing when sick babies are born.  This could be our future, if we remain silent.

GOP beware:  Obama is setting a trap for you.  Let's hope his fellow GOP'ers  listen and understand  what Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is saying because he gets it....remember make a fool of me once, shame on you, make a fool of me twice, shame on me.

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