Monday, November 5, 2012

Tomorrow is the day to make your voice heard loud and clear.

In the aftermath of Sandy, the last thing on the minds of those who are homeless and who have lost so very much, is to go vote.  Voting in Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester will be difficult to say the least.  If you can help out in anyway, please let campaigns know.  Now, more than ever, every vote that can be cast, must be cast.  

Sandy's wrath continues here, here, here, and   here

Wendy Long asks the question, why not use cruise ships for emergency accommodations?  

Should FEMA be in charge? 

How to have your poll numbers drop like a rock, deservedly so. 

Here is what Senator Ruben Diaz said about voting on the Conservative Line "You should know that I’ve spent a lot of money and resources this year on different Hispanic radio stations and media outlets to air a commercial asking for the Hispanic Community to cast their votes on the Conservative Party line in this year’s General Election on Tuesday November 6th."  Senator Diaz has a commercial on WAPA America TV encouraging the Hispanic Community to vote on the Conservative Line.  Click here to see you if you can get WAPA America TV.  

Read the full transcript of the 60 Minutes interview here   Bret Baier is right on target in his analysis of Banghazi.  Where was President Obama, we know he went to Las Vegas to raise money the next evening, but where was he during the Benghazi attack? 

Editorial Boards across America endorsing Mitt Romney, including the NY Daily News, Newsday (yes, that says Newsday, the Long Island Newsday), the Washington Examiner,   and of course, the New York Post.   

What do you think, was Reuters being fair? 

The economy, the debt, America's defense system and this, (remember Obama's plan for the Supreme Court all great reasons to vote on the Conservative Party line for Romney/Ryan and Wendy Long.  Heritage Foundation also makes the case for the Electoral College. 

Watch this video,  send it to anyone who , at this late date,  could possibly be thinking of voting for President Obama and ask them, do you really want America to fail?

Vote tomorrow as if you life depends on it, because it does!  Send the politicians a message "cut the spending and values matter" by voting on the Conservative Line.  


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