Monday, November 19, 2012

The Daily Caller is reporting that our government is promoting welfare to new immigrants in welcoming material distributed by them.  This fact in itself is difficult for hard working Americans to embrace (after all doesn't everyone who comes to America legally want to live the American Dream and become rich by working hard) but when you read what welfare is costing hard working Americans, your reaction, understandably, will be to demand that this effort to promote welfare cease immediately.  Call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand at 202-224-3121 and let them know you want this practice to end.  But alas, it will most likely fall on deaf ears since they approve of giving away our money  and the election cycle is over for now.

More information on entitlement spending is here

Who will pay the brunt of Obamacare/tax?   According to Stephen Moore  those with incomes less than $120,000.

President Obama says interesting things when outside of the United States, does he forget that in today's world we will know immediately what he is saying.  Mr. President,  you really don't have to worry about imposing your will on Congress, you have demonstrated that you do what you want via Executive Orders. 

George J. Marlin assess the Catholic Vote. 

The Heritage Foundation examines the  conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Ralph Peters:  It's Not Adding Up.

The NY Post Editorial makes some very good points, regarding Sandy's aftermath...government must help but cannot be wasteful.  Help getting peoples lives back together, with essentials, then take a long hard look at what governments role should be.

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