Wednesday, November 14, 2012

According to the Heritage Foundation, President Obama is doing what he does best; circumventing Congress when he can't get his way by issuing Executive Orders.  Read about his latest grab for more power here.

Spending in October runs a $120B deficit.

Will Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President, Richard Fisher, stand strong?

Part of the reason some school taxes are so outrageous is the salaries paid to administrators.  Word to the wise;  common sense dictates one should examine school budgets before one votes for them.

The Moreland Commission will investigate Superstorm Sandy's aftermath ...even before they begin investigating the problems, I guarantee the conclusion will be more money is needed to upgrade power grid systems.  If LIPA had not been saddled with the cost of  Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant, isn't it possible some improvements may have been made?  "The Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant operated intermittently over a period of two years, resulting in approximately two full power days by the time of its shutdown in June, 1989. On Feb. 28, 1989, after more than two years of negotiations and aborted deals, Governor (Mario) Cuomo and LILCO Chairman William J. Catacosinos signed off on an agreement that would shutter the plant forever but that made ratepayers shoulder the responsibility for most of its costs" (emphasis added by cpnys)  Read more about LIPA and Shoreham here.  The NY Post wants to know why long vacant board seats on LIPA have gone unfilled by  the current Governor Cuomo.  Considering the role of his father, it should be very interesting to watch how this unfolds.

Meanwhile the cost of Sandy is wreaking havoc on local budgets as well as the state budget. 

Congressman Bob Turner and Chairman Mike Long speak about the devastation that Breezy Point sustained.

Bonus Thomas Sowell article here.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams..... his take on price gouging.   

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