Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

As we close this week there’s one question dominating the news: What went wrong for Republicans?

I’m not sure I agree 100% with Charles Krauthammer on the immigration issue, but overall he makes a good point in urging Republicans not to sacrifice their principles: “The country doesn’t need two liberal parties.

In the Washington Examiner, Byron York says it’s all aboutthe candidate.

And an Examiner editorial looks at the demographic shaping America, but argues that “Republicans' demise may not be at hand just yet.”

In the New York Post John Podhoretz mixes strange references to dancing and Star Trek to suggest it’s all a matter of timing... 

The Washington Times sees a bright side for the Republicans thanks to the some key conservative victories on Election Day...

... and the Times already views Obama as a “lame duckpresident”...

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We shouldn't need a panel of TV pundits to get this message: Hold on to your wallets – because of course Harry Reid and the Democrats think they have a post-election mandate to grab more of our money.

Via the Drudge Report, we learn there’s good talk coming from the GOP leadership in the House and Senate as negotiations over the looming “fiscal cliff” get underway: No tax hikes. Let’s hope that’s not all talk.

Mark Tapscott of the Examiner wants to make the “talk” a matter of public record. As politicians call for “compromise," he proposes a smart idea for calling their bluff: No closed doors. Here is the case for public, 100% transparent and open negotiations over “Taxmageddon.”

And then there’s Obamacare, which would seem to have been locked in after Obama’s reelection. Not so fast, says the Heritage Foundation. They take a look at what the election means for socialized health care, and find that it’s not a hopeless situation.

And we can’t allow Obama’s reelection victory to overshadow the deadly defeat delivered to America in the Benghazi attacks – and how the Obama Administration’s incompetence contributed to the chaos.  

But as we end the week we absolutely can’t forget what should be the biggest important story in America, no matter who won the White House or Congress: Hurricane Sandy, which is still causing untold suffering in New York and New Jersey.

If you or somebody you know still needs help, this is a good place to start.

Hopefully you and your family have recovered from Sandy or weren’t affected in the first place, and you can find a way to have a nice weekend.


  1. BHO purchased the state of Ohio. His campaign also (if anyone recalls) did what they could via the courts to frustrate the military vote in Ohio. BHO & the rest of the Democrats also have "bought" the allegiance of an ever-increasing number of people who vote self-interest (many of these folks don't necessarily care whether "jobs" are created).

    All this talk of "comprehensive immigration reform," and "out reach to blacks & Hispanics," and "new taxes" just has to make the opposition happy as can be! Makes me wonder how principled these folks are -- is it that important to win public office that one forgets their principles so quickly?

  2. I live in a Conservative Republican county which Romney lost. My impression is that he was perceived as primarily a rich guy with a mission to avoid taxes on the wealthy.

    I got 2 robo phone calls for Wendy Long. Unfortunately Wendy didn't speak on either of them and all I was told in rapid English was that she cared more. Something more substantive and personal would have gone over a lot better.

    Ann Marie Buerkle also lost and a Green Party Candidate won a whooping 10% of the vote. There were way too many attack adds and it didn't help when it was discovered that an out of state conservative family was making contributions to the Green party candidate, but that is what happened.