Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Now they’ve done it: Big Labor has killed the Twinkie.

Maybe the “War on Women” theme of the Democrats 2012 campaign didn’t convince all women. Even a liberal Democrat like Kirsten Powers is getting fed up

Meanwhile Richard Grenell offers a serious look at SusanRice’s record – and finds it lacking. 

President Obama has dared Republicans to “go after me” on the Benghazi scandal, as the New York Post points out. Here’s hoping Republicans will accept the challenge.

Do you think the truth will ever come out about what happened in the Benghazi debacle? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll. (This will be the question for the next two weeks, as we take a break next Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.)

More post-election recriminations, explanations and analysis...

After hearing Mitt Romney’s comments on Obama winning by offering “gifts” to his most loyal voting blocs, John Podhoretz says “Mitt Still Doesn’t Get It.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal agrees, saying Republicans “need to continue to show how our policies help every voter out there achieve the American Dream.”

Rich Lowry warns that amnesty is not the answer.

As the “fiscal cliff” approaches, here is an informative take on why lower tax rates are good for everyone.

But will Republicans remember the virtues of lower taxes – or cave to Democrats’ demands for tax hikes?

We’ll see if Congress can hammer out a deal we can be thankful for. Until then, have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving.

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