Monday, November 26, 2012

The Heritage Foundation writes about Egypt's President Morsi's lunge for dictatorship, not much of a surprise to us nor anyone who is aware of the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The timing was the only surprise, the praise of Hillary Clinton were still echoing when Morsi declared that all his decisions were not subject to the laws of Egypt.  Freedom loving Egyptians have made their voice heard in the streets of Cairo and today, there may be a glimmer of hope that Morsi will rescind his declaration.

The Cabinet shuffle begins.

Since 1966 a cigarette package has carried the warning "Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health" and in the last 46 years that message has become a mantra about just how dangerous smoking is to ones health.  Cigarette taxes have increased, smokers can't smoke indoors, and in some outdoor areas, yet people continue to smoke despite the 46 year campaign to enlighten people to the danger of smoking.  Enter Blair Horner, vice president for advocacy for the American Cancer Society for New York and New Jersey, who is defending a program that uses your tax dollars to give to medicaid patients up to $250 on a debit card to get healthy.  The inmates are running the asylum and using your money to do so.  Chairman Long calls the program outrageous, as should every New Yorker and American.

While government is trying to micromanage our daily lives, it often does so with many programs that duplicate the same goals.  While the Conservative Party does not believe in government's long term programs to provide untold benefits to otherwise healthy individuals, it makes sense to combine New York's programs.  Some of New York's families who are truly in need, would benefit by unifying the delivery system under Medicaid.  Read what Russell Sykes has to say here.  Normally, anything the federal government proposes is something to run far away from, but Sykes makes a pretty good case for streamlining. But, Sykes' idea  is also tied into the health exchanges that have their own problems.

Obamacare/Tax back in the news and this may be good news for those of us who want to see Obamacare defeated.

New York needs jobs, New Yorkers need jobs, why is the Governor stalling on hydrofracking?

Some New York Judges say 27% pay raise is insufficient.  Some New Yorkers would just like to have a job!

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