Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obviously President Obama is not concerned about spending, nor does want to end spending on failed ideas.  According to CNS News, he is giving away our hard earned tax dollars to Asia to promote clean energy. 

The Administration unveils Obamacare/tax regulations here. And the Manhattan Institute examines the "Pre-existing Condition Problem."

Diana Furchotgott-Roth writes how unions and environmentalists came together to damage the US economy, while the Heritage Foundation asks' the question "Should We Pay Government Employees More?"

The Obama Administration continues to  over-regulate; 102 new proposals yesterday.

How ironic is this?  In California (be aware of the fact that New York and California elected officials are very similar in thought processing, so this idea may be heading for New York) in many retail stores you have to show your ID in order to return items, yet you are not required to show ID when voting? 

Governor Andrew Cuomo likes to say "New York is open for business", yet the greatest legitimate business boom, one that helps us become more energy independent and is helping other states is being kept out of New York, by the decisions or lack of decisions being made by Governor Andrew Cuomo.  The very same Governor that apparently will not have a problem forcing small businesses to raise the minimum wage which results in fewer jobs.  New York is open for business?  Sorry Governor, actions speak louder than words.

This could be good news for criminals, not for the rest of us.

The meaning of Thanksgiving Day. 

Michelle Malkin writes about the generosity of Americans. 

The Wisdom of Upholding Tradition!  (An absolute must read)

Thomas Sowell's lighthearted look at travel and staying in hotels.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!   CPNYS Salutes our Veterans for keeping America Safe and Secure,our Law Enforcement, First Responders and all those who have given and continue to give to those in need.  God Bless America. 

We will post again on Monday.

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