Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Federal disability payments now exceed Pentagon Procurement Payments, and the really disturbing news is that the number of people receiving disability payments has increased 29% over the last four years with no slowdown in the increasing rate in sight.

Also disturbing is an article in C/NET that Sen. Patrick Leahy has  rewritten his Bill on Americas' email privacy that now gives 22 federal agencies the ability to access accounts without a search warrant. (By the way, the accounts in postings on Facebook.)

CBS News is reporting that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence cut the al Qaeda reference (any reason why we should believe CBS News who has been derelict in reporting the truth?) The  DesMoines Register wants the Obama Administration to come clean on Benghazi.  The Weekly Standard opines on Larry Bell's summary of unanswered questions.  And the Heritage Foundation asks the question:  Who altered the Benghazi talking points.  Maybe Leahy's new rewritten bill (if passed as proposed) will get us the answers Americans deserve regarding the cold-blooded murder of 4 Americans; actually it may be the only way to get honest answers since this Administration is quite incapable of doing so.  (This does not mean that Senator Leahy's proposal is acceptable or should be passed, the very last thing Americans need is a government with free reign to spy on its citizenry; in fact, call Schumer and Gillibrand to urge a no vote:  202-224-3121.  While your at it, tell Senator Leahy to withdraw his Bill or click here.)

Law enforcement has been able to thwart terrorist plots without free reign to spy on all citizens and have been doing an excellent job keeping us safe.  Kudos to them for being able to protect us within the confines of personal liberty. 

The NY Post Editorial shares our concerns with a post-election legislative session, nothing good will be achieved in post-election sessions. 

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