Thursday, November 15, 2012

Benghazi Hearings begin in Congress and hopefully they will ask the questions our free press are apparently to afraid to ask.  At President Obama's presser yesterday, you would think the members of the WH Press Corps lived in the Soviet Union, absolutely disgraceful in the lack of serious questions.  Why was there no follow up to this statement by President Obama?  If I had been at the Presser, trust me, I would not have been ignored and I would have asked him, "since you knew it was a terrorist attack within hours, why did you send her out to do five major shows with the wrong information before just days before election day?"  That is what a free press asks its President!  Maybe Fox News should transfer Greta to the WH Press Corps, she has the right reaction to the President's statement here.

The Heritage Foundation has a few more questions as to rethinking American security after Benghazi.

Daniel Henninger has an excellent analysis of the Obama win in the Wall Street Journal.  So does Karl Rove.
Rove ends his column with the attitude of Conservative Super PAC's "The fight goes on; beat 'em next time" and so we will! As Jonah Goldberg writes, "The Right Isn't Waving a White Flag."

Seriously, not one vote?  Doesn't anyone in the 59 Philadelphia districts read Thomas Sowell or Walter E. Williams?  Or was it a version of voter fraud and there are many kinds of voter fraud as this American Thinker article points out.

The Senate Democrats want more stimulus money.  They can't pass a budget, yet they continue to double-down.  Every member of the Senate and House should look at this chart.

Betsy McCaughey has more on Obamacare/tax here. 

What the President wants is also more of the same; more spending and higher taxes. 

Every elected official, especially Governor Andrew Cuomo, should be required to read this article.

Some people are incapable of learning and continue to misuse their office.

Oh boy, SUNY is already asking for a 13% increase from the state.

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