Monday, November 12, 2012

The Conservative Party of New York State SALUTES all Veterans who have served our beloved Country.  We thank you and your family for all the sacrifices you have made and continue to make; without you, our freedom to be would be lost forever.

The Heritage Foundation salutes today's Armed Forces, those who choose to serve, and with the story of just one of the brave who serve in today's war.  Take the time to listen to his story, then realize it is only one of thousands.  Untold heroism that must never be forgotten.

Two weeks after Sandy and New York is still without power, Nicole Gelanis gives her thoughts on why so many are still without electricity.  The Red Cross calls its response "nearly flawless",  these  people, I believe would disagree with Red Cross's self assessment.  LIPA, VP, Nicholas Lizanich, is completely clueless.   As of now, over 73,000 homes still without power.

Governor Cuomo announces new hotline for insurance help: 800-339-1759 -

According to, the Administration proposed an average of 68 regulations a day in the 90 days before the elections, now that they have 4 more years, we can only imagine what they will do.

Where does it say taxpayers should be paying for this?

Congressman Peter King has some serious questions regarding the Petraeus resignation.

Be prepared:  Here are tax brackets for 2013.

More on the Fiscal Cliff here and here.

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