Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rest in Peace, Andrew Breitbart, a conservative voice that will be sorely missed, who not only taught us by exposing the left's agenda, he also lived his life with the courage of his convictions. The Left always calls for tolerance, but you can not find much tolerance as many on the far left rant about Andrew's untimely death.

Timothy P. Carney writes "Blame 'moderates' not 'wingers' for dysfunction".

The US Senate needs a new majority leader.

The Washington Examiner Editorial opines on the auto bailout.

The WSJ notes the cost of $10 billion stimulus is easier to tally than new jobs.

Fred Barnes writes about Congressman Paul Ryan's Medicare Revolution.

CBS MoneyWatch says inflation is not as low as you think it is.

About that apology, Mr. President, two more of our finest young men killed.

NY Post Editorial on Gov. gumby's gimmicks. And more from E. J. McMahon on Gov's backtracking on pension reform. And Harry Wilson makes his concerns known.

The latest on NY's redistricting, nothing is certain yet.

Hey, Mr. NYC Comptroller, enough already.

If the writers of this report are medical "ethicists" (a person who writes on moral principles) we are in far deeper trouble then we imagined.

Thomas Sowell has a new column today on "Super Tuesday"

Pete DuPont hits a home run in his latest column.

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