Monday, March 5, 2012

What is China doing with all the money we are providing to them? The answer will make you very uneasy, then remember how much we own them, with no end in sight. They continue to build, while we continue to cut.

Considering the cuts we are making in our own defense budgets, will we be able to defend our friends, let alone ourselves?

Michael Goodwin writes about Israel's worst frenemy.

The Washington Examiner isn't enamored with Obama's corporate tax reform plan.

Sen. Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi were not expecting this from Obama.

Mr. President: stop bailing out those who helped ruin our economy!

Grace-Marie Turner on Obamacare.

State comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli, won't be happy with this report.

The NY Times won't be happy with this editorial from the NY Sun: An ovation for the NYPD.

Governor Cuomo, it's time to take tort reform on as a major issue that harms New York State. If New York enacts meaningful tort reform, ideas like this (taxpayer funding) would not be needed, as NY would be a business friendly state and companies would be willing to take on the expense of bringing in broadband saving taxpayers money and creating jobs.

Cardinal Dolan speaks out, loud and clear for all to understand. This is not a Catholic issue, it is more than contraception, it is the very core of what America believes in.

Spring is almost here, and so are they.

Redistricting....will we know the lines before the March 20 day to circulate? In less than 15 days, we need to know where the lines are for the Congressional Districts, how many signatures will be required and if the numbers will be available. Then we can do it all over again for the state districts. Redistricting is such fun!

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