Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama has no clue on how to lower gasoline costs, in fact, no one -- despite what he says -- is certain that he wants to.

But he does want to use our money for "energy efficient" alternatives to gas guzzling cars.

In fact, he likes to kick every can down the road as explained in today's Michael Barone's column.

Ambassador John Bolton reminds us that North Korea is still a very real problem.

Conrad Black asks "Will American Abdicate Its Status as a Great Power"?

Again, it is not about contraception, it is about religious liberty.

Obamacare requires health insurance companies to produce a summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) based on a government-imposed template and glossary....take a look here at what will be required.

Great column by William McGurn, especially good for those who are discouraged by the GOP primaries. The headline reads: Reagan Was a Sure Loser Too.

About the ads CSEA and PEF are running on Tier really have to read this by E. J. McMahon to learn the truth.

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