Thursday, March 22, 2012

POTUS in full campaign mode as he attempts to change facts and continues the blame game, while continuing to double down on solar energy. His about face on parts of Keystone is just a headline grabbing ploy to try and convince voters he is doing what he can to lower gasoline prices. More from the Heritage Foundation.

Obviously, Congresswoman Pelosi failed reading comprehension. And from this clip, it appears that Congressman Ellison did not excel in history classes. Look at what one school is teaching today's students, the last paragraph will really get your blood pressure up.

What is a "pro-woman" litmus test, Ms. Fluke? Do you think you speak for all woman? You speak for the groupies who want government handouts, not the woman who understand the satisfaction of earning what they want and need to succeed in life.

The misleading tale of income inequality.

Fifty million last year and now 1199SEIU wants an additional $80 million from YOU this year. Have union members even considered a reduction in benefits to save other their jobs? What a foolish question to ask as we all know the answer. When some unions don't get what they want, this is the answer.

National attention for our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long.

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