Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

More this morning on the sudden, tragic death of Andrew Breitbart.

“We have lost our Samuel Adams,” says the Washington Examiner. The New York Post, the Weekly Standard, Byron York and John Podhoretz are among the many remembering this young man who was a friend to many conservatives, and ally to all of us.

Meanwhile Senate Democrats make a strong stand AGAINST religious freedom and respect for personal values.

David Limbaugh details how the Obama Administration threatens religious liberty.

And of course Obama's liberal allies on America's college campuses are joining this crusade against religious freedom - but fortunately they are not going unchallenged.

Chuck Schumer takes a strong stand FOR increased dependence on Saudi Arabia and foreign oil – while opposing efforts to take care of our own oil needs (which would also create quite a few jobs).

Which do you think is the best solution to America’s energy crisis – producing more of our oil supply here at home, or begging to Saudi Arabia to make more oil for us?

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And have a great weekend!

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