Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

We’ll close the week with some analysis of the “big issues” facing us this Friday...

First up: The U.S., Israel and Iran.

Charles Krauthammer works his usual magic in demolishing President Obama’s weak, self-centered stand on Israel. The bottom line: “Obama wants to get past Nov. 6 without any untoward action that might threaten his reelection.”

This Washington Times editorial also hammers the President for playing politics with this serious situation, noting: “Mr. Obama is trying to avoid election-season wild cards that could derail his march to a second term.”

Based on what you’re seeing in the news, what do you think is Barack Obama’s top priority right now? My vote is for “Getting Reelected.” Give your opinion today in our new Weekly Poll.

Next: Mitt, Rick and Newt in the GOP primary.

Here is an interesting look at how Newt Gingrich is the candidate making Obama nervous...

All three head down south for the next round of primaries.

Is the President a bit panicked about his reelection chances?

Another big story this week: Conservatives, Obama and Energy Independence

Obama put the pressure on Senate Democrats and it worked – an effort to green-light the Keystone pipeline was voted down. Wouldn’t it be nice if Obama was so aggressive in trying to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons?

The response from Republicans? “It’s not over.

And finally: Obama, the economy and unemployment.

The “recovery” continues – at a disappointing pace, as The Heritage Foundation notes.

It’s basically status quo with unemployment.

Under Obama’s “leadership,” the U.S. has posted our highest-ever monthly deficit.

Find out what Lawrence Kudlow means when named Ben Bernanke “the all-time Keynesian manipulator.”

Have a great weekend!

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