Monday, March 12, 2012

The Heritage Foundation has some news for the Obama Administration: We don't need international "permission" to defend our interests.

Check out what Senators DeMint, Lee and Paul have to say about the deficit and what can be done.

How Obamacare Increase Unemployment.

Governor Bobby Jindal opines in today's WSJ on Obama's politicized energy policy.

The Heritage Foundation writes on the nuclear option for powering America.

DOJ making another huge mistake. How about no ID's when cashing a paycheck? Or opening a credit card? What is the problem with showing an ID when voting, you need an ID to get on an airplane.

More support for expanding NY's DNA laws.

No surprise here. William McGurn on what pubic employee unions are doing to our Country. True words: without this fix, it's not reform.

With all of the problems NYC Comptroller has, why would the CFB (Campaign Finance Board) even consider matching funds....remember voters, it is YOUR money they use. Clearly another reason to end campaign finance laws.

The NY Post Editorial makes some good points.

Auburn City Council makes a good choice by overturning last July's proposal.

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