Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More on Holder's attack on Texas' trying to preserved the integrity of voting here and here.

The Heritage Foundation lets us know that the Obama Administration regulation costs for 2011 is over $16 billion. That sure helps the economy grow, puts people to work and helps America recover, no wonder we still have an 8.3% unemployment rate. More on the cost of Obama's regulations here.

The Administration spending just continues along, getting us deeper and deeper in debt.

The American Enterprise Institute has a study on the cost of Obamacare and its rising costsand how it is forcing workers out of existing plans.

The Obama Administration won't let the facts get in the way (see above) when it comes to promoting Obamacare.

File this under "living in his own world".

This can be filed under "We will do anything and everything to stop hydrofracking from ever providing jobs and energy in NYS".

Absolutely one of the most disturbing articles I have read in modern time. This from the article: "The lead author of the paper, S. Matthew Liao, is a professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University. Liao is keen to point out that the paper is not meant to advocate for any particular human modifications, or even human engineering generally; rather, it is only meant to introduce human engineering as one possible, partial solution to climate change. He also emphasized the voluntary nature of the proposed modifications. Neither Liao or his co-authors, Anders Sandberg and Rebecca Roache of Oxford, approve of any coercive human engineering; they favor modifications borne of individual choices, not technocratic mandates. What follows is my conversation with Liao about why he thinks human engineering could be the most ethical and effective solution to global climate change." Read the rest here.

Looks like these will be the final Congressional lines.

The NY Post Editorial writes again on the all to real need for pension reform.

More on NYPD investigations here, here and here.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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