Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What did President Obama tell us today? Is he looking to get us involved in Syria? Did he tell us about his bundlers cashing in? Did he explain how China is getting a foothold in US Energy? Did he explain how that the housing market is flooded with foreclosures? Says he will help Veterans with housing (while cutting their medical??), claimed Iran is isolated and will not get a nuclear weapon -- it could fall in the hands of terrorists --- did I hear that right? Did he say "fall into the hands of terrorists" -- the actions, statements and beliefs of Mahmound Ahmadinejad, certainly leads most to believe that he is a terrorist. Who's back do you have Mr. President?

More on China's rising military from the Heritage Foundation.

Rich Lowry writes in NRO that there is no substitute for victory.

Mark Styne on the Church of Big Government.

The WSJ believes you should know the facts on Cardinal Dolan's Liberty Letter.

Bill Hammond on Tier VI. The NY Post Editorial opines again on NY's pension costs.
E. J. McMahon wants CSEA to explain their numbers. Silver is strongly signaling he does not support the idea of Tier IV by saying it has to be negotiated with the unions. No surprise since Silver is "owned" by union leadership.

A look at the proposed Congressional Districts compared to the old lines. These are NOT final lines, but thought you might like to see the Magistrates proposal. This from YNN news: "This plan will now be submitted to a three person panel for review. It’s important to note that if state lawmakers reach an agreement on the congressional lines, it will supersede any of the efforts by the special master. But, if Governor Cuomo vetoes the legislature’s plan, then it’s likely that the maps drawn by the courts will be implemented."

Kudos to the WSJ for exposing the elites war on Ray Kelly.

Tuesday's with Thomas Sowell.

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