Thursday, March 29, 2012

How can they spin this? Or will the Administration just ignore the 414-0 vote on hid budget and say the Republican controlled House destroyed the bi-partisan Bowles-Simpson proposal? Maybe they should just call it bi-partisan defeat!

Maybe Obama will just continue on his merry energy path and harm our fragile economy with his EPA regulations crushing coal-fired power plants.

Why does IRS need 4000 enforcement agents, if there is nothing to enforce? In HC Bill: 1501(g)(2), won't affect credit, no lien allowed. Withholding refunds looks like all they can try to do. While the "individual mandate" has been adequately covered, the WSJ covers another extremely important part of Obamacare -- Medicaid -- here.

Do you know which country spends the most on health care? You may be surprised at the answer.

Sen. Jim DeMint on "flexibility".

E. J. McMahon: Governor Cuomo curbs spending for now.

The NY Post Editorial calls for Legislators to go home before they do any more damage. What will stop them from coming back after the November elections to vote on the very bills the NY Post is concerned with....shouldn't we know now?? Don't we deserve the right to vote knowing how they will vote on the very issues the NY Post is concerned about. If they disregard the will of the people on issues that effect New Yorkers, we have an obligation to elect legislators who reflect what we want. By going home now -- and coming back after the elections -- people tend to forget in the ensuing two years. Last December they hiked taxes, I hope the NY Post will remind people of this the day before election day, as voters have so much on their minds, they may forget. We will not and we will remind voters.

A positive small step for the Port Authority.

When will big government supporters learn, there is never enough money to sustain their ideas.
In this article, DFS spokesman David Neustadt, says the health exchange will solve the problem. WRONG! The health exchange only kicks the can down the road....entitlements always run out of money and need new titles to fool the public into thinking the problem is resolved. Entitlement programs have never, nor will they ever, be successful, an we certainly should not be fooled into thinking by changing a name everything will be okay.

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