Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can you believe it, Fannie wants more of your money again!

Looks like the pressure to answer questions re "fast and furious" may be getting to AG Eric Holder.
Does anyone believe that AG Holder will not open a full scale investigation into the NYPD, I bet he is chomping at the bit to review and pursue complaints.

Don't you feel safer now knowing that our Special Operation Forces have to do more with less?
Neither do I.

Don't expect lower gasoline prices soon. More on gasoline prices in Red State.

David S. Addington opines on Obamacare and Religious Freedom.

Profiles of courage? Seriously, this type of running away is becoming all to common. I wonder if the Assembly Democrats in NYS will run away when it comes to passing the DNA expansion bill pending that has the support of almost all law enforcement agencies and the Conservative Party.

Another reason we need pension reform. Just think of what their pensions will be.

We wholeheartedly agree with this NY Post Editorial: Time's really up, John. More on Liu's problems here.

It's not as if any of the 4 Republican Senators did not know our position on the bill, everyone knew our position. I do believe they will all face the voters without conservative endorsement. Sen. Grisanti has already lost the line, Sen. McDonald is in serious trouble with Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin seriously considering a run, and we are confident that Sen. Alesi and Senator Saland will not appear on the Conservative Party line.

Wednesday's with Walter E. Williams.

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