Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Administration continues to try and fool voters by saying one headline grabbing thing while proposing an entirely different agenda in the details. Heritage Foundation explains the details in Obama's proposal to cut the corporate rate tax and like most of what he has done, the devil is in the details.

Solyndra executives score again. Interesting side note: the Judge is from Delaware and was either just reappointed for a 14 year term or is awaiting her reappointment. More from the Washington Times on the ruling.

When the Obama Administration is right on an issue, as it is on hydrofracking, we are eager to let you know.

This chart is an eye-opener!

A good proposal to avoid some of the problems Greece faces with logical pension reform. E. J. McMahon also explains, here, how the Triborough Amendment contributes to the current problem.

George J. Marlin has another insightful column you can read here.

David Keene, also has an perceptive column, here, on the GOP presidential race.Link

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